Flattened Strand IWRC

  • Crush-resistant
  • More rope surface contact with sheaves
  • More steel in cross section than standard round strand rope of equal size

Also called triangular strand, flattened strand ropes perform exceptionally well on certain installations, especially those involving heavy loads where the speed of operation is slow, where adequate diameter sheaves and drums are used, or where a crush resistant rope is required.

Their distinguishing physical feature is their relatively flat exposed surfaces of strands. As a result, the rope exterior is more nearly a smooth, continuous circle than that of regular round strand wire rope. Flattened strand ropes are made with two layers of 12 wires around a triangular-shaped center. We offer a 6x30 Style G using a six-wire center as the standard construction. 

The advantages of flattened strand ropes

The flattened shape forms a bearing surface with more contact points on each strand than a round strand rope. With more sheave contact, weight and wear on the rope are distributed more uniformly than on a typical round strand rope. The triangular strand structure also results in more steel in the cross-section than a standard round strand rope of equal size.

Flattened Strand IWRC Strength and Weights Chart (inches)

Minimum Breaking Force
(tons of 2000 lbs
5/8 0.74 21.7
3/4 1.06 31
7/8 1.46 41.9
1 1.89 54.4
1 1/8 2.39 68.5
1 1/4 2.95 84
1 3/8 3.57 101
1 1/2 4.25 119
1 5/8 4.99 140
1.75 5.79 161