Fall Protection

The ABC`s of Fall Protection

Fall Protection encompasses much more than just tying off to ensure OSHA compliance. It entails what is commonly referred to as the ABC’s of Fall Protection.

  • Anchorage: One of the fundamental parts of any Fall Protection system is the anchorage points. Depending on the type of situation, the anchorage point can vary tremendously. Anchorage connectors can also vary depending on the type of job, type of installation, type of industry and type of structure. The anchorage system provides a means of attaching the system to the anchorage point and must be able to withstand more than a ton of force generated from a fall.

  • Body Support: The full-body harness provides the necessary support and will distribute fall force over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest and shoulders. They are also used as a connection point on the worker as part of a complete personal fall protection system.

  • Connectors: There are different kinds of connectors based on the overall fall protection plan with the two most common being a fall arrest system and the fall restraint system. In a personal fall arrest system, a shock-absorbing lanyard helps to limit fall forces to less than 1,800 lbs. and most will limit forces to below 900 lbs. In a fall restraint system, a connector that is short enough so that the worker cannot reach a fall hazard is used.

  • Descent/Rescue: Decent and rescue devices are an essential element of the complete fall protection system. They are essential in retrieving or lowering a fallen worker to the ground.

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