Wire Rope Assemblies

 We offer a complete line of standard and custom wire rope assemblies, both structural and architectural.

Structural Wire Rope Assemblies

The customer can choose from a wide variety wire ropes and fittings to fit your particular application.



 Standard Wire Ropes


  • 7x 19 galvanized

  • 7 x 19 stainless steel

  • 6 x 19 bright or galvanized

  • 6 x 36 bright or galvanized

(Alternate wire rope constructions and special coatings are available.)

Depending on your application, most assemblies can be fabricated using standard fittings.

                                                              Swage Fittings

  • Swage Button Ferrules

  • Standard Threaded Studs

  • Large Shank Threaded Studs

  • Open Swage Sockets

  • Closed Swage Sockets

  • Threaded Sleeves

  • Fork Terminals

  • Pin Eye Terminals

  • Large Ring Eyes

  • Marine Eyes

  • Shank Hooks

  • Plain Ball

  • Single Shank Ball

  • Double Shank Ball

  • Fork End

  • Eye End

  • Threaded Stud

  • Locking Threaded Stud

  • Turnbuckle Body

  • Strap Eyes

  • Strap Forks



(Custom fittings can be designed to fit unique applications) 


Architectural Wire Rope Assemblies

The clean open look of stainless steel cable railing allows for maximum view whether indoors or out.



Recent Projects


  • The Kansas Speedway (Kansas City, Kansas)

  • The Kaufman Performing Arts Center (Kansas City, Missouri)

  • TD Ameritrade`s new Old Mill headquarters (Omaha, Nebraska)



Types of Cable


  • Semi-rigid stainless steel cable is chosen for most straight runs and railing applications

  • Semi-flexible 7X7 is used for corners over 90 degrees

  • 7X19 is flexible and used for decorative purposes

  • 3/16" cable is the most popular size for cable railings

(Architectural Cable can be readily obtained in hard PVC or uncoated.)


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