American Rigger’s Supply offers a complete line of chain and chain fittings, all types and grades... representing - Campbell, Gunnebo, Pewag, Crosby, CM, Peerless, Acco and others. Like most of the products we sell, choosing the right chain for your application often times requires knowledge and experience. Our customer service staff stands ready to assist you with making the right choice regarding size and grade. We primarily stock welded chain but whatever your application requires, please allow American Rigger’s Supply to be your source for a quality product. The National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) welded chain standard, RR-C-271 F lists chain by Type and Class. 

Type I - Chain, welded steel

  • Class 1 - Alloy chain (overhead lift) Grade 100, premium quality, high strength, heat-treated, alloy chain can be used in a variety of sling and tie down applications. For overhead lifting applications, only alloy chain should be used.

  • Class 2 - High-test chain Grade 43, carbon steel chain is widely used in construction, manufacturing and load securement. (Not to be used in overhead lifting)

  • Class 3 - Transport chain Grade 70, a high quality, heat treated, high strength carbon steel chain, is primarily used in load securement. (Not to be used in overhead lifting)

  • Class 4 - Proof-coil chain Grade 30, a low carbon, low strength chain, is used in a wide range of general purpose applications. (Not to be used in overhead lifting)

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