Cargo Control


American Rigger’s Supply offers a complete line of both web and chain binders and accessories.

It is the owner’s and user’s responsibility to evaluate the suitability of any cargo securing product for their particular application. Use of cargo control products in an unsuitable manner may result in a failure of your cargo control system or unsecured cargo. Cargo control system failure can result in cargo damage and injury or death to you, a bystander, or another driver. Please allow our staff to assist you in making the proper choice for your application.

Working load capacity information provided is intended to help you make decisions when selecting your cargo control system. Equipment overload can result in cargo control system failure. When considering the working load limit remember:

  • All ratings are for products in new condition. Age, wear, or damage to any Tie- Down system can greatly reduce its strength. To ensure your system is working at capacity, always inspect all products prior to each use.

  • Load directions other than straight can result in a significant reduction in working load limit. Unless otherwise specified, all ratings are based on a straight tensile pull.

  • Your cargo control system is only as strong as its weakest link. Cargo control products must be attached to securing points of equal or greater strength to maintain the established working load limit.

WARNING: Webbing straps must be protected when used on rough or sharp objects. Straps that are cut, worn or damaged shall not be used and shall be replaced immediately. All strap assemblies shall be inspected prior to each use. The use of “Cheater bars” or other means of increasing leverage on a ratchet buckle handle or winch, other than an approved device, can cause serious injury to the user and/or bystander. Webbing straps are rated for use in temperature range from +194 degrees F (+90°C) to -40 degrees F (-40°C). 

WARNING: Never over tension chain binders. Refer to product descriptions for proper tensioning accessories. Use of any unspecified leverage increasing device, such as a cheater bar, can generate enough force to break a piece of cargo control equipment. The release of energy when a piece of cargo control equipment breaks can cause serious injury or death to you or bystanders. If you are having difficulty securing a load, make sure your cargo control equipment is in working order, or readjust or reposition your load.