Wire Mesh Slings


We offer Lift-All Roughneck Wire Mesh Slings.

When selecting the proper sling for your application, please allow our experienced staff to assist you in choosing the right type.

Wire mesh slings are a good choice for environments such as steel fabrication shops and steel warehouses where loads are abrasive, hot or tend to cut synthetic web.



  • Steel construction resists abrasion and cutting

  • Good flexibility for gripping the load’s contours

  • Permanently stamped with capacity and serial number

  • Wide bearing area helps distribute load, reducing load damage and increasing load control

  • Heat resistant to 550 degrees F

  • Wire mesh is galvanized to resist corrosion

  • Stainless steel mesh is available for corrosive and hotter environments

  • End fittings are large enough to fit most crane hooks


Inspection Criteria for Roughneck Wire Mesh Slings


Remove the sling from service if any of the following is visible.

  • Missing or illegible sling identification

  • A broken weld or a broken brazed joint along the sling edge

  • A broken wire in any part of the mesh

  • Reduction in wire diameter of 25% due to abrasion or 15% due to corrosion

  • Lack of flexibility do to distortion of the mesh

  • Distortion of either end fitting

  • A 15% reduction of the original cross-sectional area of any point around the hook opening

  • Cracked end fitting

  • Evidence of heat damage

  • Other conditions, including visible damage, that cause doubt as to the continued use of the sling



In addition to new slings, please contact us for repairs of your existing Lift-All Wire Mesh Slings.

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